• Get trained by IN-PERSON, and soak up RSD’s cutting-edge insider insights face-to-face!
  • Bar-none, the BEST PLACE IN THE UNIVERSE to meet friends, wings, and insider contacts who know the ropes in your city. Locate inspired, motivated and ambitious allies for your journey to success.
  • See what it feels like to be in a room filled with hundreds of people trying to transcend to the next levels of game, health, life, and business. Absorb the contagious energy of the crowd and this event will leave you self-actualized.
  • Learn revolutionary strategies from the FOREFATHERS of MODERN GAME, the BEST of the BEST in the dating and self-development industries.
  • Learn why RSD instructors effortlessly win over women without saying a word. Take notes on their vibe, energy, body language, and much more... things guys would pay piles of cash to see for themselves.

The stated goals for this program are to

  • Fill your head with so many bleeding edge “RSD in house secrets” on success with girls, social dynamics and self actualization that you leave with your head spinning in disbelief. (Ideally unable to sleep, and feeling like you’re going to vomit…in a good way!)
  • Entertain you, shock you, amuse you, and basically make it the wildest “blast dose” of learning you’ve ever experienced.
  • Leave you AMPED and INSPIRED to get out there and tighten up your game to INSTRUCTOR LEVEL.
  • Leave you with significant and tangible improvements in your outlook, emotional set point and mental fortitude, so you can look back at the BREAKTHROUGH Tour as a profound turning point in your life.


Join RSD Max and experience one of the best dating and self-development workshops you’ll ever take part in.

You and an engaged RSD crew will come together to learn, connect and LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF at ultra inspirational off-the-wall pickup stories and concepts that we wouldn’t dare put out on YouTube.

PLUS - LIVE Q&A with the most respected, in-demand and celebrity-like dating coach on earth. Ask anything your heart desires...


After coaching and touring the world for four years straight, and releasing 3 blockbuster digital courses, RSD Max is now slowing down his touring schedule to include only a few select cities per year.

Max specifically designed BREAKTHROUGH TOUR to unite the most dedicated men in your city all in one room for a life-changing workshop experience...

This room will be packed with potential wingmen and business partners. If you aren't AMPED UP to crush it with women, dominate in business and fulfill your potential as a man... STAY HOME!


If you’ve never been to an RSD Event… YOU HAVE TO COME!

Whether you are already crushing it in your dating life and living the mack-daddy lifestyle, or just beginning to discover the wonderful world of pickup…

The BREAKTHROUGH TOUR will add jet-fuel to your progress in GAME and in LIFE.

IF YOU ARE NEW, and find yourself feeling Awkward, experiencing Approach Anxiety, having Trouble with Escalation and lacking a Solid Understanding of Social Dynamics…

BREAKTHROUGH Tour will show you how to PRACTICALLY APPLY the new content you have been learning. You will also discover how to balance your newbie “intent” with “freedom from outcome”, allowing you to approach with hardcore intensity and make a crazy impression (especially on “perfect 10’s”).

(Not just the theory behind the content, which you may already know, but literally HOW EVEN AN IDIOT CAN EASILY APPLY IT TODAY.)

IF YOU ARE INTERMEDIATE, and find yourself getting Stuck, experiencing Issues with Consistency, and getting Frustrated or Confused about What to Do Next…

BREAKTHROUGH Tour will take you to the next level, showing you how to consistently “hit state” at some point during the night, even if you’re burnt out from working during the week.

(Hint: You’re ALREADY as good as the advanced guys on your best night, the key to becoming “the man” is being this guy ALL THE TIME. We’ll reveal simple and absurdly effective tools you’ve never considered.)

IF YOU ARE ADVANCED, and find yourself wanting MORE hotter girls, exclusive club access, successful friends, threesomes, harems and all out SOCIAL GLORY...

BREAKTHROUGH Tour will inspire you with INSTRUCTOR level stories and teach you status and social circle techniques that are PROVEN to open the most EXCLUSIVE doors.

(These are by far the most “hardcore” insights we’ve had in the game – and it’s NOT “cocky” or even “playful”. Mastery of these mindsets and strategies is the difference between guys who are awesome and THE BEST.)


Sign up NOW and we will see you there!

Hearing an instructor live is COMPLETELY different than watching a video. You will FEEL the energy, hear the vocal projection and see the body language up close and IN PERSON - then you can model these qualities to add a whole new dynamic to your game!

Come to the BREAKTHROUGH Tour! There is ZERO DOWNSIDE. You have nothing to lose, and a lifetime of crazy adventures to gain.


Things To Know Before You Arrive At The Seminar in ,

Registration begins an hour before the event on at the venue.

If you have friends you'd like to invite, just send them a link to this page. The workshop will start around and will conclude around , so be ready to learn!

Venue details will be announced to attendees approximately one week before the event date. Stay tuned to your email so you know the precise location of the venue.

If you have specific questions, problems or need any kind of assistance, please email support@realsocialdynamics.com and we will do everything we can to make your experience outstanding.

Welcome to the TRIBE and strap in for a wild ride! Your life is about to take off. We will see you real soon!

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